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English Comedy Night - Stand-up gala with the Bad Russian, the Mean Hungarian & the F%+#ing Romanian

English Comedy Night - Stand-up gala with the Bad Russian, the Mean Hungarian & the F%+#ing Romanian

English Comedy Иight - Stand-up gala with the Bad Russian, the Mean Hungarian & the F%+#ing Romanian:

Denis Nikolin, Edu Tóth, Péter Felméri

Host: Dave Thompson



Denis Nikolin is a rising up-and-coming Russian comedian on international stand-up scene, co-founder and regular MC of English Moscow Comedy, with more than 5 years of performing experience. Taken his act to 16 countries, Denis has developed his own style mixing his acting skills with deadpan deliveries, edgy and precise observations with his natural charm and wit, ability to laugh at himself and the world around him with a very constructive narrative of his sets, - which guarantees a very entertaining evening.Being a charismatic yet repressed young man, this Russian comedian has already performed in the top comedy clubs of Europe and the UK, such as Stand-Up Store Moscow, Cosmic Comedy Berlin, Le Comedy Club Paris, The Stand Glasgow and Comics Club Bucharest. 

Denis did his first full run at Edinburgh Fringe in 2018, participated in Utrecht International Comedy Festival 2019 and going to perform at other festivals of 2019, including Reykjavik Fringe, Sziget Festival. He is also going to expand his tour “Bad Russian” to Asia, planning to leave comfortable Europe alongside unpredictable Motherland and make people laugh in the warm and cozy Pacific area.  


"Denis is an edgy and unpredictable talent with a sharp wit and a fearless approach that combines well observed Russian deadpan delivery with raucous and hilarious observations." Sam Rhodes comedian and promoter at Sam Rhodes Comedy Explosion, London, UK

 "Russian comedian Denis Nikolin speaks English more eloquently than most British people. He's intelligent, original, and very funny. A highly-educated, clear-thinking artist with experience of working as a journalist too, Denis Nikolin is a treasure on the international comedy circuit. He doesn't just use comedy to make people laugh, he builds bridges of empathy and understanding." Dave Thompson, comedian, UK/Budapest

"Denis is a brilliant one-of a kind comedian who I have had the pleasure of working with on multiple occasions. His ability to win over an audience in a matter of seconds is a guarantee for a wonderful show which will leave any crowd in stitches! " Tamas Vamos, Wein&COmedy, Vienna, comedian and promoter



Dave has done four feature films. He played Dave the comedian in ‘Maybe Baby’, written and directed by Ben Elton, and the porn star in ‘I Want Candy’, directed by Stephen Surgit (unfortunately his scene didn’t make the final edit). Dave’s third film ‘
Huge’, was directed by Ben Miller, and was released in July 2011. His fourth film is ‘Harry Hill – The Movie’. It was released in December 2013, and stars Harry Hill, Julie Walters, and Matt Lucas.

Dave has performed his stand-up comedy act in forty countries and four cruise ships. Known for his one-liners and absurd persona, Dave has written material for many other comics, including Harry Hill, Ronnie Corbett, Bruce Forsyth, Jim Tavare, Ben Elton, Phil Nichol, Omid Djalili, Stewart Lee, Phil Nichol, Tony Law, and John Moloney.

Press Quotes

“The weirdest dude on the face of the earth”. (TIME OUT).“One of the finest joke writers in the country”. (TIME OUT).
"The best one-liners I've heard this season". (THE INDEPENDENT).
"Dave Thompson is hilarious and goes down a storm with the crowd." (DAILY MAIL).
“Dave Thompson has a unique style and some of the best one-liners”. (THE GUARDIAN).
"Dave Thompson is the star of the smash hit TV show, Teletubbies". (NEWS OF THE WORLD).
"Mr Thompson has become a cult among students." (DAILY TELEGRAPH).
"Dave Thompson astonishes with his lanky eccentricities... talented and always amusing". (TIME OUT).
“His ballerina routine nearly brought the house down”. (COMEDY REVIEW).
"Dave Thompson... everything in the world is beautiful". (COMEDY MAGAZINE).
“One of the best comedians on the comedy circuit.” Stewart Lee."Mad comic brilliance." Ben Elton.“A complete gentleman.”  Matt Lucas.



Pécs, Veszprém, London, Barcelona, San Diego, Budapest, Dumaszínház. Places, which will never be the same, after Edu stepped his foot there.

He doesn’t mind, If someone is reading his newspaper on the tube, just don’t hum, when he turns a page. His lifetime dream to make love in the elevator, but unfortunately he lives ont he ground floor.

Nicole Aniston. Nicole is Edu’s favourite porn star. He is getting love in her. Saidly he gets to that stage that it bothers him, when somene is having sex with Nicole. Edu is married. He has a son. He would love to have another one, therefore he is sleeping naked next to his wife. He couldn’t manage to get laid, but he is getting sick every week. Edu loves his son. He is changing the little boy’s diaper. Recently he got really touched emotionially, when he found a birth mark on his baby’s thigh. Edu was almost crying, but then he realized that it is only a little drained shit.

This guy is a serious Indiana Jones fan.

Edu doesn’t have jokes or stories. This guy has a daily day life, which he must talk about it. Seriously.



"Peter Felméri, a Hungarian comedian, started doing comedy from the early age of 1, making his parents laugh. He performed stand up for the very first time in 2005, at the Transylvanian Comedy Festival, in a Contest, winning not the first prize but neither second or third. In 2007 he joined the comedy group Dumaszínház, performing in hungarian. In 2009 he started doing stand up in english, which will catapult him to world fame and super richness eventually."


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